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Lead Story

Mario Fernandes – To find God in Moscow?

By VITALY LEONOV, 05 Apr – Mario Fernandes is now a bonafide CSKA legend and Russia international – here’s the story of his career and how he ended up in Russia.

World Cup 2018


Latest Articles

PFC Sochi: The Climbing but Controversial Club

By RICHARD PIKE, 03 Apr – The Fisht Stadium finally found new tenants this season in the form of Boris Rotenberg relocating the historic and proud Dinamo St. Petersburg to the other end of the country, how are the controversial side faring?

The Zenit Issue: Ageing Players, No Creativity and No Vision

By HANU TRIVEDI, 27 Mar – After some unfortunate technical gremlins plagued the site, we are back with an analysis of where Zenit are going wrong in Europe, and what they must do to improve on the continent.

Ten Young RPL Players to Breakthrough in 2019

By RICHARD PIKE, 18 Mar – We take a deep dive into the latest pool of young talents in the RPL, predicting just who will make the step up from youth starlet.

Europa League Preview: Krasnodar – Valencia

By JAMES NICKELS, 14 Mar – Krasnodar tonight play arguably the biggest game in their history, as they host Valencia at a sold-out Krasnodar Stadium. They need a solitary goal and clean sheet to progress, can they do it?

Europa League Preview: Villarreal – Zenit St Petersburg

By JAMES NICKELS, 13 Mar – Zenit quite literally have it all to do in Spain after being demolished 3-1 by the Yellow Submarine at home last midweek.

César Navas – El Capitán, the greatest foreign defender in Russian history?

By DAVID SANSUN, 11 Mar – After a decade in Russia, Spanish veteran Cesar Navas retired during the winter break, we take a look back at his illustrious career in the RPL.

Eight RPL Players in need of a Big 2019

By RICHARD PIKE, 09 Mar – With the season restarting, we look at some players who are in need of a big year.

2019 FNL Cup – Summary and Best Players

By DAVID SANSUN, 08 Mar – The annual FNL Cup took place during the Winter Break, we take a deep dive into the petition, and pick out some of the most impressive performers.

Europa League Preview: Valencia – Krasnodar

By JAMES NICKELS, 07 Mar – The Bulls travel to Spain for the second time in this season’s Europa League with a chance to reach the quarter-finals for the first time in their history. But a daunting task of Spanish giants Valencia stand in their way.

Europa League Preview: Zenit St Petersburg v Villarreal CF

By RICHARD PIKE, 06 Mar – Having required the 2nd leg to get past Fenerbahce, Zenit have a tricky test in Spanish side Villarreal.

Spartak – Krasnodar Match Report

By WILL BAUMGARDNER, 05 Mar – The big match in the first week of the return of RPL action after the winter break did not dissappoint, Will Baumgardner reports live from the Otkrytie

Ten RPL Winter Window Transfers to Watch

By RICHARD PIKE, 04 Mar – After a busy transfer window, we profile ten moves to keep an eye on for the remainder of the RPL season.

RFN Podcast – Return of the RPL, new live streaming & Aleksandr Dyukov

RFN Podcast, 03 Mar – The team returns from a long winter break to discuss the return of the RPL, new live streaming of matches and take a deep dive into the appointment of new RFU President Aleksandr Dyukov.

RFN Top 50 2018: 3-1

By JAMES NICKELS, 03 Mar – A whole new year, and a whole new top three. Quincy Promes left for Sevilla so also a new best player of 2018 to be crowned, find out who here.

RFN Top 50 2018: 10-4

By JAMES NICKELS, 02 Mar – We continue our countdown of the RFN Top 50 for 2018. Up today is the best of the rest outside the Top 3.

RPL announce live matches to be broadcast free on YouTube

By DAVID SANSUN, 01 Mar – The RPL kicked back into life yesterday with the Anzhi – Orenburg game, however, a new official streaming channel was arguably just as big and is a massive step in the right direction. Find out more how to watch games here.

RFN Top 50 2018: 20-11

By RICHARD PIKE, 01 Mar – Once again we’re back to the countdown of the RFN Top 50 RPL players of 2018, here’s 20-11 including one who has dropped all the way from last year’s top three.

RFN Top 50 2018: 35-21

By RICHARD PIKE, 28 Feb – Continuing our countdown of the RFN Top 50 RPL players, we take a look at those between 35 & 21 with a few genuine surprises to boot.

RFN Top 50 2018: 50-36

By DAVID SANSUN, 27 Feb – To celebrate the return of RPL action this weekend, we release our Top 50 players from the RPL over the course of 2018.

Kokorin and Mamaev – Four months, no sentence, no end in sight?

By TIMUR KURBANOV, 26 Feb – Aleksandr Kokorin & Pavel Mamaev have been imprisoned for over four months without a resolution to their case, is an end in sight?

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